FORE!! Tumaini's BEDROCK Bogey!

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SAVE THE DATE FOR OUR 8TH ANNUAL TOURNAMENT OF HOPE - SEPT. 20th, 2020!! & we are offering a prize for next year's theme!  

Happy New Year!

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The Christmas season has been a whirlwind of busy-ness here at Tumaini.  (You can only imagine).  Returning volunteers Mama Sharon (CA) and Dada Erica (AUS) assisted our local social welfare office with their inspections of children's…

A Great Big Tumaini Thank you!

, , Most recently, we have need to say thank you to our donors, shoppers, and especially Mama Becky Pow, for our incredibly successful Tumaini Facebook Auction of Hope which has raised in excess of…

At Tumaini, how do we do what we do?

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People often ask how we manage Tumaini . . . how, after nine years, we are still able (just) to provide care, support, and love to a continuously growing number of children (currently 94), a handful of seniors and several adults in need?  The…

Sometimes thank you just isn't enough!

If you've wondered why things have been quiet lately it's because I've been working on getting our BRAND NEW WEBSITE ready for launching May 15th (Happy Birthday Mary) and I've been hard at work, BUT, what I've been up to (with…

It's a Moving Day !!!

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What an incredibly, crazy, beautiful week we have experienced! Packing up a family of more than sixty to move to our new “country” home in Nshupu, just ten minutes up Mount Meru from our old house, BUT we Dave, Cameron, Bob and Andrea came…

Taking the Long Way Home . . .

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Buckled in and waiting for departure to fundraisers with Tuchifo Belgium and Tumaini Holland and then down and home to Tumaini! Whew! What a whirlwind European visit on our way back to Tumaini! Dada Holly and I have been joined by my Tanzanian…

Thank you Tumaini Tournament Supporters!!!

There really are no words to express our thanks for the support we enjoyed at our 2014 Scotiabank Tournament of Hope again this year so I will invite you to enjoy these photos!  Asante . . . SANA!!!  

What's New at Tumaini?

 Happy 6th birthday (March 1st) to our littlest man Liadi, who is not so little anymore.  He is stretching out and growing taller and leaner and has lost any hint of the baby boy he was.  His tabia (attitude) is still that of a precocious…

Ahsante (Thank you!) to our Tournament of Hope supporters!!

How do we say a proper thank you to all of the people who assisted in our Second Annual Tumaini Tournament of Hope?  The best I can do is . . . wait for it . . . "Thank you!!!!"