At Tumaini, how do we do what we do?

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People often ask how we manage Tumaini . . . how, after nine years, we are still able (just) to provide care, support, and love to a continuously growing number of children (currently 94), a handful of seniors and several adults in need?  The answer is easy . . . sort of . . . we have people like you!

You, and others like you, who volunteer your time, skills, energy, hearts, money; who follow our stories, provide help when you can and keep us in your prayers . . . you are our Tumaini heroes!

HERO – “a person who is admired for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” That’s you!



Baba Dave we’re almost full!

One week ago, in fact, many Tumaini heroes were in our barn (and for many past Tuesdays, Sheila, Shelley, Lauren, Becky ) packing up a donated container (thank you Anvil Crawler), which will become an extension our Tumaini house once positioned and emptied.  Being left in the dark about half of the time without solar, you can appreciate just how incredibly important our new bank of solar   batteries, is (thank you Jamie Surrette of Rolls Batteries); and solar panels (thank you Home Energy systems) and thank you to Grace Russell (Grasshopper Solar) for joining us with butter tarts and helping us to pack, and Bob Waddell of MCV Inc. for driving from Toronto and bringing all those bikes, our own Baba Dave Egles for, well, just about everything you do/give/are!




Mama Sharon & her bikes!

Thank you to the Fulton family, and a dear friend Joan, and special thanks to Mama Sharon who spearheaded this project (and friends for supporting her vision)!!

We have incredible things in our container for Tumaini . . . two treadle sewing machines, a manual knitting machine (these create employment opportunities one of our lucky Tumaini family), clothes, shoes, etc. and MANY of these items were donated by you!  Thank you, thank you, thank you . . .



A Little Hero Worshipping . . .


Hard to imagine but this young lady will be four on her next birthday.  When we met her (at 3 ½ years of age) she weighed in at just 6 kg and almost died of pneumonia and severe malnutrition.  Unable to support herself to stand or walk (obviously) our little Glory is feeling Tumaini love these days . . . Thanks to Mamas Gail, Heather, and Kathy of Canada, Glory is now living with us, receiving nutritious food, good care and love daily and we expect her to thrive!



Ismael standing on his own!

Mama Ismael dressing Queenie


We met this young man a year ago This is just one example of the many miracles we perform here at Tumaini! With newfound sponsorship from the Fulton family, and Mamas and Babas Jennifer, Jeffrey, Janine, and Shauna, Ismael (and Mama) is standing on his own two feet for the first time! He is thrilled about his new braces! Asante sana!!  






Esther and I spent some time in the hospital for yet another corrective surgery.  We owe enormous thanks to the families of Avondale United Church in Tillsonburg, Ontario for their long standing sponsorship of this lucky young lady!  You Avondale United are a HERO!!!




Thank You to Simcoe Foot Care.  Our heroes just keep loving us!  Mama Melanie Dykstra and staff/friends of Simcoe Foot Care and Custom Orthotic Centre, just sent us their SECOND batch of gently used (and some new) collected shoes for our ongoing shoe drive!


Our Milk Program!  Tumaini is ecstatic to have found sponsorship for our 2018/2019 milk program! Enormous thanks to Vrije Basisschool Massemen (Belgium) for sponsoring our milk program for this next year!  Our Tumaini children will enjoy their milk every day until May of 2019!!! Dankuwel Held!


Neema:  We need you to keep our precious Neema in your prayers.  She has been suffering for months with nerve damage (shingles?, cellulitis?) and still struggles.  We had hoped this had been contained but it has flared up again . . .

BTW  If you are looking for a Christmas gift for the person who has everything . . . we have a number of children still looking for sponsorship support . . . just saying!

For all you do heroes thank you!  For the blessings, efforts, energy, money you gift us with, thank you!  Be well and talk soon!

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