Not only do the children of Tumaini require financial support, Tumaini can also put your personal skills to good use working at Tumaini House or within the community where it has long-established, healthy relationships with government agencies, schools, medical/dental facilities, sports, churches and childcare organizations.  There are private quarters at Tumaini House for volunteers where Tumaini has welcomed hundreds of people from different parts of the world over the last decade.


First things first. If you live in Europe please contact Tine Migerode, (tine.migerode@skynet.be). Otherwise, please send Leslie Butler an email, (leslie@tuchifo.org) outlining your preferred dates (can be a minimum of two weeks but usually up to a maximum of one month), your own set of personal skills, and what it is you are hoping to achieve while with Tumaini.

Many volunteers want to teach, working on English, reading or math skills. Some prefer to work with the two AIDS groups Tumaini is affiliated with.  Some people may wish to work in the gardens  and some of you may wish to help with bettering Tumaini House itself.

Many options are available and you can fine tune your volunteer experience to your own preferences AND, should you wish to tie in a safari (many national parks including the Serengeti are very close), or a climbing expedition (Mount Kilimanjaro is less than one hour away by vehicle), so that you experience both the beautiful, natural elements Tanzania offers AND a most rewarding volunteer experience, a Tumaini graduate Reward Evance Minja of www.bingwasafaris.com can arrange everything on your behalf!


  • There are often times when there is little or no water for showering and “bucket” showers become de rigeur. Laundry too, is done in a bucket and hung to dry.
  • Tumaini’s mamas are just learning English and so can be a bit shy but are very capable and always willing to try a new recipe or two so bring something you love from home. Spices are a problem so bring those too! Please include in your initial email if you have any health issues or allergies.
  • Tumaini has access to a VERY capable doctor who speaks perfect English and whose dispensary is relatively well stocked.  Having said that, feel free to bring a small supply of antibiotics and anti-diarrhea medications.
  • Your bank ATM card and/or Visa/MC should work at most banks in Usa River and Arusha and you can always hook a ride into town once per week for provisions. The local buses or dala dalas are relatively safe alternatives, although it is very easy to get turned around in Arusha or “town” as it is called locally.
  • Tumaini can arrange tours, expeditions, and safaris on your behalf at considerable discounts. And the best part?  You will travel with Tumaini graduate Reward Evance Minja!  Visit www.bingwasafaris.com
  • Tumaini can, as mentioned, pick you up, should you arrive at either the city of Arusha, or Kilimanjaro Airport.

There may be other issues needing further discussion and Tumaini will be happy to provide answers to your enquiries. Please include them in your initial email. Other than that, “Karibu sana”, “Welcome” to Tumaini House and Usa River, Tanzania! Tumaini waits to hear from you!

Asante, (thank you) from Tumaini!

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