Come Safari with Us!

Tumaini can fine tune your volunteer experience with a safari (many national parks including the Serengeti are very close), or a climbing expedition (Mount Kilimanjaro is less than one hour away by vehicle), so that you experience both the beautiful natural elements Africa offers AND a rewarding experience working with some very lucky children!

Reward, (nicknamed “Papaa” which refers to his love of music AND, a very unique “swagger”, but you will see this for yourself) is a Tumaini graduate who joined our family with his older sister and two younger brothers in early 2010.

At that time, abandoned by extended family after the deaths of his parents, he was struggling to complete secondary school but didn’t stand a chance at university without a miracle.

We first met younger brother Nelson and older sister Mary (Kelvin would join Tumaini later).  Reward had qualified for university and with our support he graduated in 2014.  His love of working with people lead him into the safari business and Watoto wa Bingwa Safaris was born!

Tumaini highly recommends Reward, not only because he is one of our children but because of his professional attitude, vehicle safety, slightly offbeat sense of humour, AND the fact that he gives back to his younger Tumaini brothers and sisters. When not on safari you will often see Reward at Tumaini helping with homework, picking up or delivering a visitor or child, or just popping in to say hello!

Love Mama,

Watoto Wa Bingwa Safaris & Tours Ltd was established in 2015 as a family business. The company was founded by Reward Evance, whose ability to turn your safari dreams into a reality has earned him the title of “Chief Visualizer”.

Everything within the Watoto Wa Bingwa Safaris & Tours organization including; staff, equipment, suggested itineraries, accommodation, activities and excursions have been especially selected to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of operating efficiency, customer care and of course enjoyment!

The vision is to see Watoto Wa Bingwa Safaris & Tours Ltd become the leading choice for safari and holiday planners worldwide.