A Great Big Tumaini Thank you!

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Most recently, we have need to say thank you to our donors, shoppers, and especially Mama Becky Pow, for our incredibly successful Tumaini Facebook Auction of Hope which has raised in excess of $7,000.00!

We need to thank countless people for helping send off a 3rd shipping container full of amazing necessities for our Tumaini family! Ongoingly, we’d like to thank our donors, sponsors, committee members and volunteers for doing all of the things YOU do!! We are so grateful (Busaina spelled it ‘greatful’) . . . for your compassion.

We have much left to do so please visit our “Projects” page if you’d like to help these incredible children!
You are truly special and the kids have summed it up nicely here, Enjoy!!! (with special thanks to Dada Mary for the videography and Baba Steve Szucs for too many things to list on these pages!!!!

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