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If you’ve wondered why things have been quiet lately it’s because I’ve been working on getting our BRAND NEW WEBSITE ready for launching May 15th (Happy Birthday Mary) and I’ve been hard at work, BUT, what I’ve been up to (with a ton of help from some pretty special Tumaini Dadas (Lauren, Sami and Sydney) who just happen to have returned from a trip to Tumaini, “it ain’t nothin” compared to the months and months of web construction that went on in British Columbia by a certain two fellows, Kaka (brother) Cameron Murdoch (who has been to Tumaini and helped us move and reinstall our solar array), and Kaka Veenu Punyani (who waits in anticipation of one day visiting us at Tumaini and meeting the children he has spent months with in cyberspace)!!!  And to close the circle, nothing could have happened without the financial sponsorship of “Baba”Dave Egles of HES Home Energy Solutions in Barrie, Ontario and Victoria, British Columbia who is our illuminator!  He has brought, installed, expanded, dismantled, and reinstalled our solar array(s) (see the “s” there?  Yes, it’s “arrays”)!  He and his wife Jackie help sponsor not one but two Tumaini children, Omari and Connie and tirelessly give of their time with fundraising drives benefiting our kids! contains the information on all of our children, more photos and we’ve updated bios and sponsorship opportunities!  It is home base for special projects benefiting our newly adopted village secondary school, sponsorship opportunities within the school on other projects, sponsorship support for our District Social Services office where just 3 (now 4) social workers struggle to service more than 200,000 district residents and is where you will find information about becoming a member of our “100 Heroes of HOPE” campaign where, after collecting $100.00 from 100 people and pooling it together we will be in a position to support LARGE scale projects, otherwise unaffordable, possibly for years!  Projects like sponsorship support of an additional social worker, or, perhaps a new dining hall at Nshupu Secondary School, or . . . what about finally being able to replace our 1992 Toyota pick up truck?  All of these projects will become possible with your support!

Thank you, thank you, to David and Cameron and Veenu . . . to Sydney and Sami and Lauren, and to each of you who continues to embrace us at Tumaini . . . it’s a long way to Tanzania . . . a long way for you to imagine the effects of your donations . . . our new website is going to be able to bring everyone just a little closer!  Be well!

Baba Dave Egles checking us out . . .

Kaka Cameron with Reward at Tumaini on moving day!

HES computer guru and our Tumaini “devadoot”, Veenu Punyani has spent months building our new site!

Dada Sydney Buis with Rukaya at Tumaini . . .

Another Tumaini angel, Dada Lauren with Karol

And Dada Sami with Jackson at Tumaini!

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