It’s a Moving Day !!!

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What an incredibly, crazy, beautiful week we have experienced! Packing up a family of more than sixty to move to our new “country” home in Nshupu, just ten minutes up Mount Meru from our old house, BUT we Dave, Cameron, Bob and Andrea came and dismantled our solar array and reassembled it here at Tumaini House, Teema. Kaka Ryan, Mama Shelley, Mama Korosho, Dada Minke, Mama Miram and of course Bibi of Everything that needs to be done (Eva), have worked so hard painting, packing, cleaning, (did I say painting), to help us get here.

We are still a work in progress but already we see a settling in of the children. . . each has more space, more quiet area (when they want to be quiet) and we have new and very kind neighbors. It’s a bit farther to school for our Amani children but we all think well worth the extra distance.

New friends and old gathered this past Sunday for a celebration with some wonderful food cooked in our new kitchen.

Happy children, happy family and room for growth, for stretching. Oh, and we mustn’t forget the family of Calabash monkeys living in the forest behind our home! Karibu Tumaini mpya!

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