ALWAYS kind, generous and quick to lend a hand, Stephano, not one of our strongest children academically, is a shining example of goodness and we celebrate his efforts to help others and to do his best! Stephano is funny, terribly endearing and kind to all . . . we simply cannot praise this young man enough!

Story of Stephano

DOB – “August 23”, 2003

Came under Tumaini care September, 2009

The young brother of Lazaro, Stephano lost his father and mother to AIDS and is one of Tumaini’s first intake children, having coming under our care in 2009.  He was living with with his uncle, aunt and cousins in a one room mud hut in Usa River.  Although employed as a night watchman, Stephano’s uncle was not paid enough to sufficiently provide for his extended family although he tried which, in this part of the world, is a credit to his character.  We provided for his ongoing care until February of 2010 when he moved with us into Tumaini House where he has thrived ever since!  Sick with malaria when we first met, Stephano is now a strong and healthy little man and truly one of the joys of Tumaini.

Stephano is a very soft spoken young man. He is gentle and kind, and VERY sweet. Stephano is not strong academically, but he continues to work incredibly hard to improve, and we can’t praise him enough for this! One of Stephano’s great strengths is out on the football (soccer) field. Skills for the game DEFINETELY run in the family – both Stephano and older brother Lazaro have a knack for the sport! Stephano has a great, witty sense of humour which came as a shock because he is so quiet – but boy is he funny!

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