• Rwekiza intake photo September, 2009.


Originally from Karatu District, Rwekiza’s brother Efram was first discovered living in the garbage. Mr. Oddo worked to convince Efram to come to a care center in Arusha. Rwekiza was discovered later. Rwekiza’s father died when he and his siblings were very young.

Story of Rwekiza

DOB – October 31, 1996

Came under Tumaini care September, 2009.

A relative was supposed to come to help raise the children but never arrived and his mother attempted to provide care for her children by selling the local, legal, home brew, “plwa”. She was not successful and the boys found themselves on the streets of Arusha.

Oddo is a magician at Tumaini sometimes and he was able to coerce a local safari company (Rangers Safaris of Arusha, Tanzania) into providing school fees for Rwekiza and four other of Oddo’s “boys”.  Today Rwekiza, having completed his secondary education, has moved on to other things in life and we wish him the very best!

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