• Volunteers Sydney and Lisa met the little girl whose surgery they helped fund!


We met Norah in February of 2017 during a series of home visits in our new village of Nshupu.  Tumaini friend, “Baba Maziwa”, introduced us to Norah and her family.  Norah was overdue to go to school but attendance was impossible because her skull was too fragile due to a complication with her condition called “hydrocephalus”.  She would require surgery . . .

Story of Norah

DOB – March 19th, 2010

Came under Tumaini care in February, 2017 in an outreach capacity, meaning that she lives at home with her family but is provided needed support assistance through us at Tumaini.

Norah had had surgery as a small child to implant a shunt into her skull which would drain away excess fluid building up, but things were not as they needed to be and she required another surgery to extract a small tumor and re-position her shunt.  I am so gratefully proud to share that Tumaini raised the needed funding within 24 hours and Norah had her surgery!  She convalesced for several months and returned in early 2018 for her followup.  Norah has been given a green light to attend school and looks for support in that way!

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