James was just 4 or 5 when Dada Tine of Belgium met him.  He was the middle child of a family of three with a younger sister struggling with HIV.  There was no father and mom had decided to take her baby daughter to Dar Es Salaam for treatment, leaving her two sons with their bibi (grandmother).  She never returned.

Story of James

DOB – Unknown

Came under Tumaini care in 2013 in an outreach capacity (this means he doesn’t live with us at the Tumaini house).

James‘ brother was taken to live with an uncle in Moshi and James was left with his grandmother, but she struggled to provide care for him and he was often found on the street even at the young age of four or five.

He was being left unattended and uncared for while Bibi went out to look for work.  Tumaini made the decision to put James into boarding school to keep him safe and get him off the street.  We assist further with school needs including supplies, uniforms, shoes, etc!

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