Mwanaid, her family and five others were living and working on a farm where the landowner had allowed them to build their own houses.  The farm was purchased and the new owners didn’t want the five families on the farm anymore.  Threats ensued and one night a group of bandits burned the homes and killed all the animals belonging to the families.  They had no where to go.

Story of Mwanaid


Came under Tumaini care in an outreach capacity in 2012.

Mwanaid and the members of the five families found themselves homeless and embroiled in a legal battle.  The government promised reparation but things take time in Africa.  They were living in the burned out shambles of their homes.

Dada Tine of Belgium had her grandparents visiting and they were intensely moved by the situation.  They purchased a large tent where the women and children slept.  The men slept outside.  This went on for over a year until the families were given a plot of land in Usa River and a settlement to rebuild.

Mwanaid is a strong student and the youngest of the children within the devastated settlement.  The family, still attempting resettlement had little resource available for her to attend school.  Tumaini supports Mwanaid with her educational needs!

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