Little Glory

Glory is a little angel who came to us by accident in early 2017.  She was deathly (truly) sick and her family was returning from the doctor with her when they stopped and BEGGED us to help the child.  They had no confidence in the doctor’s diagnosis . . .

Story of Little Glory

DOB – February 22, 2014

Came under Tumaini care early 2017.

This little girl, and her mother and aunt stopped at the gate to my office on their return from the doctor.  They begged me to look at little Glory.  Her breathing was raspy and she had a fever and an ugly cough but it was her despondency and trouble breathing that frightened me.  The doctor had sent them away with a prescription for cough syrup.

We immediately called a piki piki (motorcycle) and she was sent to our family doctor who refused to treat her, insisting she be hospitalized immediately.

Glory’s mother has two children (Glory is the youngest) and both of them are handicapped.  Glory, (who was hospitalized for a week with pneumonia) turned out to be severely malnourished weighing just 6 kg when she should have been more than 13 kg for her age.  Additionally, while in the hospital she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.  She couldn’t stand on her own, couldn’t feed herself.

Glory has been under our care since.  She comes to Tumaini in an outreach capacity and we feed her twice daily, provide required medical care and provide for her basic needs.  She is undergoing assessment to allow her to obtain the necessary care to allow her to grow into her BEST SELF but we need help!

Tumaini is looking for sponsorship support which will allow us to provide Glory with a better daily living situation and appropriate education.

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