(An excerpt from a blog written December, 2017)

This job is chock full of incredible gifts which come to me often, and from very surprising directions. My gift yesterday came from one of our outreach family, a young man named Godlove. He popped into my office and wanted to “chat”.
The day before I had asked about his future dreams and he felt he had not explained himself properly and wanted an opportunity to do so. I was so impressed with his message and how he presented it that I asked him to write it down. I have transposed the following exactly as he wrote it . . . his grammar, his voice, even his spelling mistakes to give you an example of just how far some of our children have come. We help them, yes. We provide every possible support we can afford, but at the end of the day it is really up to them to decide upon their futures. I am so happy to share this with you as we enter 2018 . . . to thank every one of you who helps support us here. This is our thank you. This is the ONLY way our children can repay us for what we give them. Karibu Godlove . . . you are so very welcome!

Story of Godlove (In his own words!)

DOB – June 27th, 1999

Came under Tumaini care 2014.

“My name is Godlove Charles Kimuto. I am form three student studying at Kisimiri Secondary School. I was born in 27th June, 2000. I am living with one parent whom is a mother. My father died when I was too young or small. I am the last born in my family which have four children. We are living at Sing’isi Village.
I started primary education in 2008 at New Hope Academy Primary School. My mother was not financially better to give me all basic needs. I may say that I born with luck because though my family is poor that can not pay the school fees to me, I got a sponsor from school then I studied with no any payment at New Hope Academy Primary School until I finished Standard VII in 2014.
When I finished standard seven I started getting a lot of confusions on thinking that my family is poor and cannot send me to secondary education. But me and my mother we did not gave up. We believed that God will make a way where it seems to be no way. I used to stay with my grandmother. My grandmother was too old thus cannot walk by herself.
One day when I was doing cleanliness at my grand mother’s area, suddenly I saw Tumaini car coming to my grandmother residents. They brought the wheel chair which will help her. I welcomed them with a great hospitality. Because of my sharpness Mama Dee started asking me different questions. She asked me where do I study? I replied, “I am studying at New Hope Academy.” She asked me another question. How my academic result is. I told her my academic results are good because since I started primary education my position was No. 1 and No. 2. She asked me to show her my results report. I showed them and real it was good as I told them. They were happy because of me and they promised me to go to secondary education. Real that day it was my happiest day in my life because I got what I was waiting for long time.
Now I am Form three student and next year I am going to complish my secondary education.
I have dreams. I like to be a doctor. I want to be a doctor not just because I am finding money no! I want to be a doctor just because I want to help my people. There are millions of people within our societies who are passing through difficulties because of diseases. When I see them it pain my heart, and through those pains I get it influence me to be a doctor thus I can help them.
Also in my life you are not supported (supposed) to have only one plan because sometimes things diverge. If you have Plan A then you should also have Plan B.
You are adviced to do thing what you like according to the talent you have. I have the talent of confident. I can stand in front of the people and represent things confidently.
Even at Kisimiri Secondary School I am a M.C. Master of the religious graduations. I always given the job of being a M.C. and the appreciate my job. Also I used to be a talented leader at UKWATA. I used to supervise and control the period of talent.
I have the dreams of being a great and famous person in the world. I admire to study at famous and big universities like Cambridge, havard and Oxford University.
I have the dreams and I believe that one day Tumaini will eat and drink because of me. I never forget anyone who had help me financial or by providing even the advices.
There are thousands of children within our societies who are living in bad condition their parent fails to send them school because of (illegible but I am guessing poverty). I am praying to my God to fulfill my dreams that I can help them. I will not bring bad results because it would be a big sin to me because I get support from Tumaini so there is no any factor which can cause me to fail.
We are born to win and victory is on our hands. In God we Trust. And God will make a way where it seems to be no way. Together we can.” -Godlove (written 2017)

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