• Raymond intake photo, 2009.


Raymond is one of the boys from Karatu region whom Oddo met while working with an N.G.O. in that area. He was impressed with Raymond’s intelligence but saddened by the reality that the financial situation in Raymond’s family would not allow a chance for secondary school.

Story of Raymond

DOB – May 14, 1990

Came under Tumaini Care in 2009 – as a graduate, Raymond no longer requires sponsorship support!

Poverty had prohibited Raymond’s father from attending secondary school and, despite passing his national exam, Raymond (and Oddo) feared that laboring in a coffee plantation for pennies a day would be his future, as it had been for his father and his father’s father. As it seems only he can do, Oddo pulled his magic and coerced the powers that be to allow Raymond to attend secondary school without fees. Raymond worked hard and after meeting him it was obvious to me that we needed to bring him to Tumaini and improve his chances at having a future. Raymond has, time and time again, proven himself to be responsible, grateful, caring and concerned about the wellbeing of Tumaini. He is selfless and a wonderful big brother to the younger children and we are forever grateful for the contributions he makes to Tumaini.  In university, Ray studied Public Administration and graduated with his B.A.  Ray is now an administer at Tumaini, taking care of the children and the business side of things, while being one of the main go-to’s for volunteers!

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