• Karol intake photo, January 2013


Karol is a precocious, very strong willed child but she has a sweetness to her also. Karol has a big personality and a great sense of humour (as you can see from her photos!), and she is a very determined student who works hard to achieve anything she sets her mind to.

Story of Karol

DOB – “April 30”, 2005

Came under Tumaini care January, 2013

Karol arrived with her brother Ayubu and sister Wema.  We had been providing outreach assistance, but the children had difficulty committing to their studies without adult supervision.  We feared for their futures when it was brought to our attention that their neighbor operated a “business” of attracting children into her home with a television, persuading them to drop out of school and become “housegirls” who, inevitably, would become pregnant and then return to her care until the child was born, incurring debt to the “businesswoman” which required returning to work to “repay” the debt.

Karol is a precocious, very strong-willed girl with a sweetness to her also.  She has become very serious about her studies and works very hard to consistently improve her grades.  Karol is usually the first to arrive home from school and wastes no time before pulling out her books and starting her homework, always seeking extra help when she has questions.  She often joins the older kids for their nightly tuition (extra classes at night) to help her prepare for her next year of studies.  Karol is very much a “work hard, play hard” girl… when she is not focused on school, Karol loves to let loose and have a lot of fun.  She always has everyone in fits with her witty humour, and she loves to sing, dance, and play around with all of her Tumaini siblings.

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