• Esther intake photo, 2009.


Esther is a very special young lady.  She is quiet, gentle and kind and we have slowly witnessed her come out of her shell.  Beautiful inside and out, Esther is about as true-blue as one can get!

Story of Esther

DOB – April 23, 2002

Came under Tumaini care early 2009

Esther was born with Arthrogryposis (congenital joint contracture) Multiplex which causes her wrists to be hooked and curl inwards towards her inner wrists.  Her fingers are fine but her motor skills are seriously compromised because of the “paralysis” she has within her joints.  Arthrogryposis also affects the joints in her knees and ankles.  As a result Esther further struggles with scoliosis and a drop foot.  In 2011 Esther had her first corrective surgery to correct the foot but it was unsuccessful.  A second surgery in early 2018 brought hope because as she grows, the pressure on Esther’s “bad” hip and knee cause her a great deal of pain.

There is a very real stigma attached to the physical or mental “differentness” of some people who are often abused, and in extreme cases killed, out of ignorance.  Fortunately, Esther had a loving Babu (grandfather) who protected her until we could bring her under the Tumaini protective umbrella.  A headmistress told me once, “Mama, you have saved this little girl’s life by taking her under your wing.  She will be safe now.”

Underneath Esther’s shy exterior is an incredibly humble, kind, gentle soul, and she is one smart cookie!  Esther is beautiful both inside and out – she has a smile that can light up any room.  It is incredible to watch Esther grow and develop a new confidence that she has long been lacking.  She is a wonderful young lady, and she has a lot to be confident about!

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