• Lazaro

  • Lazaro intake photo, 2009.


Lazaro is a relatively quiet young man but a hard worker who loves to play soccer.  He will always help if you need him to, and, while he loves his younger siblings, he prefers the company of his older peers.  He is an excellent student and excels in school.

Story of Lazaro

DOB – “August 23”, 2001

Came under Tumaini care September, 2009

Lazaro and younger brother Stephano have lost both of their parents.  When we met them they were sharing a one room hut with their uncle, aunt, and two cousins in Usa River. Uncle (Lawrence) was a night watchman but was unable to earn enough to support both his immediate and his extended families sufficiently. As a result, everyone suffered.

Lazaro is a very quiet young man, and often the heartache of losing his parents is reflected in his eyes. It is painful to observe how many of the children of Usa River reflect that same hopeless sadness.

Lazaro attended Haradali Primary School and shined in his class!  He is now in secondary school and continues to perform very well.  He is a serious student and a very skilled craftsman who, like so many in his tribe, is an artist at making spears and slingshots!  Woe are the birds in our neighbourhood!

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