Tony has a big attitude, but he is always there to help if you ask him.  He’s a typical teenage boy in the way that he loves to tease his dadas (sisters) and wrestle with his kakas (brothers).  Tony wants to be a farmer when he’s older but he knows that he still needs to keep his grades high so he can go to university one day!

Story of Tony

DOB – September 24, 2005

Came under Tumaini care August, 2009

Tony is baby brother to Evelin and nephew to Margaret (former Tumaini children).  Tony’s was the first home visit I made, initially to interview his mother about him and his big sister Evelin.  The village elders had contacted us in the hope that we’d be able to provide some measure of relief to this family of eight children sharing a small mud hut with their mother.  All were starving and, often as the baby, Tony was left home alone without supervision or food.

If you ever hear someone refer to a child as ‘Maasai’ it’s Tony!  The Maasai tribe of Tanzania and Kenya is the most prevalent group of Aboriginals in East Africa.  They are often recognized by their shepherding sticks and bright clothing known as Shukas, which look like draped cloth dresses.  Tony’s family no longer practices the Maasai culture as it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do so, but Tony’s dreams of being a farmer were likely influenced by his heritage.

Tony is a sweet spirited young man and although sometimes quiet, he is always looking about and absorbing everything occurring around him.  Tony is incredibly loving and, even though he sometimes pretends not to, he loves a goodnight hug.  Quick to smile and laugh, he is just as quick to give you a hilariously grumpy face!

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