Kelvin is an incredibly endearing little man, born blind and we suspect autistic (but there is no formal diagnosis available here), who was born to a mentally challenged mother, often found wandering the streets and frequently abused sexually . . . his father is unknown.

Story of Kelvin

DOB – 2015??

Came under Tumaini care March, 2018.

We first met this young man in April of 2017 on a home visit in the Moshi area, while investigating Queenie’s situation.

Kelvin, his grandparents and birth mother were introduced to us and the need for our intervention quickly became apparent.  He was severely malnourished, withdrawn and unable to walk, and at first we believed him to be deaf also (but would be proven wrong later when he hummed a church hymn).

It has taken a year to get him to Tumaini for what we initially deemed a temporary visit for assessment.  His caregiver begged us not to return him to the situation he was living in and we acquiesced, but he requires sponsorship in order to go obtain an education.

Kelvin will go for assessment and then on to a special school for the deaf, but in the meantime he thrives at Tumaini!  His older “siblings” embrace him, feed him, love him and he has begun saying simple words and taking a few wobbly steps alone.  His confidence is soaring and he will shine with our support!

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