Ibrahim began his relationship with Tumaini in an outreach capacity which means he remained in his home and we assisted with medical, food and school needs.  However, despite our best efforts, Ibrahim failed to thrive and his health declined until we decided he needed to live with us full time.

Story of Ibrahim

DOB – July 15, 2001

Came under Tumaini care early 2010

Ibrahim was born with HIV and orphaned as a young child.  He was shuffled around family and was living with his Bibi (grandmother) when we met.  As is often the case, children with HIV are frequently “blamed” for their status and proper care is often not provided.  Such was the case here and without especially good nutrition, Ibrahim would not survive.

We monitored his HIV status reports and provided the best medical support we could but he continued to decline.  Ibrahim lives with us at Tumaini now and has improved immensely.  It is our hope he will now focus on his studies ensuring himself a good future where an HIV status won’t be such a threat!

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