• Neema returning to school, 2013.

Neema K.

Neema came to Tumaini on a full time basis in early 2012 after our attempts at assisting her in an outreach capacity failed.  Neema, upon arriving at Tumaini so seriously malnourished, weighed the same as our seven year olds.

Story of Neema

DOB – Dec 1, 2000

Came under Tumaini care, early 2012.

Naturally thin (we call her “twiga”, or giraffe in Kiswahili), she was still frighteningly thin and her grandmother (Neema was orphaned as a young child) was simply too poor to provide the nourishment required.  Today she thrives and is an active role model for all of her Tumaini siblings.

Neema came to us with no English . . . a struggle she shared with a few other Tumaini children.  We originally enrolled her in swahili “government” school to allow her an opportunity to climatize and then she was off to English Medium where she soared!  Awarded most improved student, Neema showed us all that we had a serious young student on our hands.

Neema is quietly confident, gentle and loving with her younger Tumaini siblings and welcomes visitors warmly to Tumaini.  We are incredibly proud of this young woman who has faced some serious struggles in her short life and always found a way to stand up and face each one head on!

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