• Intake photo March, 2010.


Reggie, or Reginald has, as have so many of our children, already suffered more than his share as a youngster.  He is an incredibly warmhearted, gentle and thoughtful young man, and big half brother to Goodluck who together joined us at Tumaini in April of 2014.  The boys have different mothers who live in desperate poverty.

Story of Reggie

DOB – April 21, 2004

Came under Tumaini care April, 2014

After their father’s death in 2013, their shangazi (aunt) “inherited” them because she lived on her brother’s (now the boys’) land.  We would discover that she suffers from mental illness and is capable of the most extreme violence.  Reggie and Goodluck were her victims.  Oddo and I met the boys at the strongest urging of a pastor friend of ours in Usa River.  We made a home visit and met Goodluck first and although neither Oddo nor I could put our finger on what was out of place, we both came away from the visit with a nagging feeling that something was seriously wrong.  We invited the boys (Reggie and Goodluck) to visit us at Tumaini and, still feeling unsettled, offered Goodluck a place with us but I explained to Reggie that I would need to find a sponsor before we could allow him to join us.  I was told later he cried all the way home.

Just a few days after his arrival we discovered that the aunt had tied Goodluck to a chair and then “melted” the insides of his calves with a white hot burning log after he came home from school late (his teacher had kept him for extra tuition).  As soon as we learned what the aunt was capable of doing, we rushed to the church and demanded that Reggie join us also and he has been with us since!

Reggie was ecstatic to move to Tumaini and for weeks afterward, upon seeing me would leap up and rush over for a hug and to say thank you for bringing him to such a good (safe) place . . . he spoke no English initially but we enrolled him in English Medium School and he is learning QUICKLY!  He is an extraordinary young person, very sweet and usually quiet, unless he is playing, and then he is as rambunctious as the rest of the children!  We are so pleased to have him safely with us now where no one will harm him.

Now in secondary school, Reggie works hard.  When he is home for holidays, he is often found listening to the newest music and making sure he is the most fashionable young man in the village.

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