Omari is another marvel . . . parentless and living with his sister and niece, without electricity, in a country where it gets dark by 7 pm, this young man achieved a virtual miracle by earning 2 A’s and 5 B’s on his Standard 7 national exam!  We had to help!

Story of Omari

DOB – October 13, 1996

Came under Tumaini care early 2012

When Omari first came to Tumaini he had a stutter and wouldn’t make eye contact.  He was incredibly intelligent but didn’t have a chance at an education without support of some kind.  His head master insisted we help this “outstanding” student who wouldn’t go to secondary school otherwise.

Oddo went immediately to see “Mama Mchome”, District Education Officer, who, as it turned out, was aware of Omari but financially unable to assist.  I took Omari to Tumaini to do an accurate aptitude test and we were NOT disappointed!

Tumaini found the money and Mama Mchome had Omari enrolled in Kisimiri Secondary School where Omari went on to win awards for his outstanding performance!  He performed beautifully in his national exam (very strong in maths and sciences which is extremely rare in Tanzania) and we enrolled him in Eagles Secondary School, one of the top performing A level schools in the country.  Again, he shone!

If you ask Omari, he will tell you (the stutter is gone) that he dreams of a degree in Engineering and then intends to become a pilot . . . he wants to show his fellows that even a poor Tanzanian can be anything he wishes with hard work and discipline.

Omari spends a great deal of time at Tumaini when home from school, tutoring his younger Tumaini siblings.  His heart to “pay it forward” is enormous and we are incredibly proud of this young man!

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