• Intake photo March, 2010.

Anna A.

Anna is a serious, often mournful young lady who continues to struggle with her mother’s murder. Academically she is very weak, having been the eldest sister of eight children (brothers Hussein, Deo, Gaspar, Athuman, Harriri, Liadi and sister Nasma) she found herself more often at home, caring for siblings, rather than attending school.

Story of Anna

DOB – July 21, 1994

Came under Tumaini care March, 2010 – as a graduate, Anna no longer requires support!

Anna can be fun-loving but has struggled since joining us to perform in her studies. We have attempted tuition and twice repeated Form II but without success. Anna was sponsored to train in hairdressing and received her certification. Tumaini outfitted her with a new home and we wish her well in realizing her future dreams.

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