• Intake photo 2010.


My name is Nelson Evance Minja and I am sixteen years old.  I am a Form III student at Muungano Secondary School.  I have two brothers, Reward and Kelvin and one sister, Mary.  I have no parents.  My father died in 2004 and my mother died in 2007. (Written March, 2010)

Story of Nelson

DOB – March 15, 1994

Came under Tumaini care January, 2010

I got my primary education at Leganga Primary School.  I remember, before the Standard VII result in 2007 that my mother passed away.  This caused the family to be in hard time because nobody counseled us. (The children were abandoned by extended family.)  My brothers and sister and I lost direction where to go, we had no school fees, as well as no food and other needs.  We decided to ask for help to other people.  My sister went to the government who put me in day school but this was very hard for me because when Mary and Reward went to school I stayed alone at home.  Sometimes I had no food, clothes and also care of parents.  But I thank God because my performance was very good in school and the final exam in Form II I was second out of 174 students.  People helped me with food sometimes and one day I met Tumaini.”  – Nelson Minja (written in 2010).

Nelson, dedicated as he was, aced his entrance exam into Ailanga Secondary School and Lutheran Seminary, where we enrolled him after being compelled to assist such a dedicated student.  He performed as expected in secondary school and soon will graduate university (Sokoine) with a Bachelor of Engineering.  We couldn’t be happier for him!

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