Joshua is a village neighbour who we met in early 2017 after our move to Nshupu village.  He is a very gentle spirited and fun loving young man whose “lot” in life prohibited him from realizing a dream.

Story of Joshua

DOB – August 18, 1999

Came under Tumaini care early 2017

Joshua lives just down the road from Tumaini, right in our village of Ngyani.  When we met, he spoke very broken English but the need was obvious.

Joshua was born with a deformed left hand which is virtually useless.  He completed his primary studies but perhaps the stigma of his “difference” had him choose an alternative to traditional secondary school.  Instead, Joshua began studying automotive wiring and wanted to pursue a career in that direction, but, with his hand, he was never given an opportunity for the “practical” part of his studies which left him stymied with respect to getting certification.  The bottom line was, with SO many people looking for work, why give a “one handed person” a chance?

Tumaini has a dear (rather tall) friend who happens to own a garage (or two) and we inquired of him with respect to allowing Joshua a chance, but his adamant response was not to become an electrical mechanic, BUT to become a TEACHER of electrical wiring!

The problem for Joshua was that, at 18 years of age, he was getting a bit old to begin secondary school . . . our solution was to enroll him in an intensive QT program offered in Tanzania where a student may complete two years of secondary school in one!  It is a LOT of work but Joshua passed his first set of national exams with a high “Division II” which allows him to continue his studies!  Hongera sana Joshua!  (Congratulations Joshua!)

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