Eliza  is one of the sweetest little ladies you will meet at Tumaini.  Her enormous smile is a reflection of an initially shy, but VERY quickly fun spirited, engaging child who was recently #1 in her class!!!

Story of Queenie (Elizabeth)

DOB – June 4th, 2012

Came under Tumaini care in early 2017

Queenie is the younger half sister to Esther S.  Her mother (and Esther S.’ step mother) was injured when she was pregnant with their younger sister.  She was struck by a bus when in “town” (Arusha) which resulted in a permanent disability where she cannot stand for long periods of time, nor walk far.  The baby was born healthy but life became more difficult for the family and in January of 2017 Queenie’s father committed suicide.

Left unsupported, with two older children and a new baby to support, Queenie’s mother was desperate.  Tumaini helped mom by purchasing what was needed for her to stock a small “duka” (shop) in her home which allowed her an income without taxing her injury and we brought Queenie and Esther to Tumaini and enrolled them in school!

Queenie, who is sometimes called Eliza, absolutely adores cards like the other young ladies of Tumaini, and she is not afraid to tell you you’re cheating (even if it’s actually her that took a peek at someone else’s cards!). She is loud and very fun, and loves to hug, play and take pictures! Queenie is an incredibly smart girl and is sure to go far in life!

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