• Athuman intake photo, 2009.


Athuman is the fifth of eight children and big brother to Harriri, Liadi and Nasma, who are also under the care of Tumaini.  In 2008 he lost his father to AIDS.  Athuman, along with his mother and siblings, shared a three-room mud hut in Usa River with his grandmother.

Story of Athuman

DOB – April 18, 2004

Came under Tumaini care early 2009!

Tumaini Children’s Foundation (Tuchifo) made a capital loan to Mama Athuman in order for her to start a small business of selling used clothing, but she was not always healthy and so was unable to work every day.  She could not support all of her children and everyone was suffering.  Athuman and Harriri were brought to Tumaini in order to relieve some of the financial burden for Asumani, their single mother, who struggled to support all eight children on her own.  Athuman is a fun loving, somewhat serious young man who has a sense of humour but often remains aloof.  His initial medical inspection with Dr. Lyimo exposed hookworm, a urinary tract infection and malnutrition. Otherwise, Athuman was, and remains to be, in good health.

Athuman required the structure and discipline of boarding school until 2017 when he returned to day school and began living full-time with us again.  Since his return, Athuman has shined at Tumaini.  Beneath his initially-shy exterior is a great sense of humour (he is quite the prankster) and a big heart.  Athuman has worked hard at school and is improving greatly in his studies.  He is working hard towards achieving his dream of becoming a chef!  He is a big help around Tumaini and can often be found in the kitchen helping the Mamas to prepare meals.

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