Winnie’s story is an excruciatingly sad one.  Born severely mentally handicapped and lacking proper nutrition, this young adult actually has the body size of a child almost half her age.

Story of Winnie

DOB – May 25th, 2000

Came under Tumaini care in April of 2017.

Winnie desperatley needs our help.  Severely handicapped mentally, she cannot speak or comprehend.  Abandoned by her mother and dumped on a very poor Bibi (grandmother), Winnie weighs about half of what she should for her age.  Worse yet,  she has been raped twice by an uncle who, without enough evidence, was released from jail and could gain access to her again.

Tumaini took Winnie to be tested for HIV and we provide food and support for her, her brother Colin, and her grandmother, but Winnie is not safe where she lives (in a mud hut) and her aging grandmother simply cannot care for her as she needs.  This is truly one Tumaini’s most heartbreaking stories.

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