Rose came to Tumaini as an outreach child from an orphan support group in Usa River on a scholarship we offered to two outstanding students.  A serious student, Rose was the highest performing female in a group of about 60 children.  Rose would join us later, on a more permanent level . . .

Story of Rose

DOB – December 28th, 1995

Came under Tumaini care early 2010 in an outreach capacity and full time in 2015

Always a studious child, Rose initially came to Tumaini on a scholarship in an outreach capacity. However, her living situation declined after the death of her caregiver when she became “burdensome,” and life in the home became unbearable.  It was then that Rose came to live with us at Tumaini.

We met Rose through a local orphan support group where she stood out as the brightest female in a group of around 60 children.  We enrolled her at Makumira Secondary School where she performed well.  (The Tanzanian education is founded on a British system where a child attends four years of ordinary levels, then writes a national exam.  If successful the child then advances to a further two years of advanced level study and then writes a final secondary school exam.  If successful, the student then qualifies for college or university.  Only about 4% of children complete secondary school and of that 4%, only about 11% come away with any proficiency in maths or sciences.  Rose wants to change that!)

Rose has attended college, studying education, and we hope she will return upon graduation and use some of those amazing teaching skills she has learned upon our Tumaini children!

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