Imagine spending the first 16 months of your life in prison . . . that is how life began for this little firecracker, who, after coming to us seriously malnourished but otherwise healthy, has grown into a sparkly little explosion of happy energy . . . we expect Queenie will be running Tumaini . . . very soon!

Story of Queenie

DOB – January 1st, 2016

Came under Tumaini care in April, 2017

Queenie’s mother was 5 months pregnant with her when she got into a domestic argument with her drunk husband.  A physical altercation ensued and in defense, she accidentally killed him.  Mama now finds herself in prison for life and in Tanzania . . . life means life.  Queenie was born in prison and spent the first 1 1/2 years of her life there but Mama asked for someone to help find a better life for her little girl.

A friend pushed social welfare there, to contact social welfare here . . . and we went to prison and picked her up.  WHAT A GIFT!  This little girl is a bundle of happy, loving energy.  Confident, social and VERY charming, Queenie endears herself immediately to everyone she meets.

She was initially malnourished but we took care of that quickly and as she has learned to speak Queenie shares a trait with her Tumaini brother Liadi who also joined us at this age.  The first language is not Kiswahili and not English but a unique little mixture we call “Kaswinglish”!

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