• Nasma intake December, 2012.

  • Nasma with brothers Liadi and Harriri

  • At work in class


Nasma is precocious, flirty and almost always a very sweet little girl.  Although she can be difficult at times, Nasma is quick to capture the hearts of Tumaini volunteers with her charming personality and her fondness of cuddling.

Story of Nasma

DOB – “April 30”, 2009

Came under Tumaini care December, 2012

The youngest of our LARGEST family of seven children (Deo, Anna, Gaspar, Athuman, Harriri and Liadi) all under our care after the murder of their mother, Nasma was the last of the family to join us at Tumaini. She was our baby at Tumaini for a while, usurping her older brother Liadi in that role (for which he was not always happy).

Nasma has a serious countenance and might appear grumpy at first glance.  However, when she runs out of the girls’ dorm in her vibrant pink ‘Hello Kitty’ onesie, you tend to see her a little differently!  Nasma is a precocious, flirty, very sweet little girl, though she can sometimes be difficult.  She is strong-willed and can put up a bit of a fight to resist doing her homework, a task she is not overly fond of.  Nasma is full of spirit and energy, and loves to dance and sing – even showing off her insane rapping skills.  She loves to cuddle, and will often curl up with you to watch movies on the weekend.

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