Mulki is the younger sister of Busaina who we discovered living in a shack down the road from Tumaini with their HIV+ Bibi.  Mama had died and Bibi inherited the girls but was rejected in her village because of her HIV status.  The stigma of HIV and rejection because of it is not uncommon.

Story of Mulki (Busaina & Bibi)

DOB – October 23, 2006

Came under Tumaini care in 2013

Mulki is a happy, energetic younger sister to Busaina who LOVES visiting Tumaini for play and the occasional sleepover with her Tumaini sisters and brothers!  The family came to us in an outreach capacity and Tumaini located and pays the rent for a proper house, furnished it and provided immediate medical and food needs.  We enrolled the girls in English medium school and sponsored Bibi (grandmother) in a small sewing business by providing a sewing machine, materials and notions to allow her to make a living!

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