• Goodluck’s burn scars – punishment for coming home late from school

  • Brothers Reggie and Goodluck


Goodluck was introduced by a local pastor who urged us to intervene on his behalf.  The reasons were not disclosed but, as is so often the case, we would soon discover why this VERY bright, kind and respectful (and handsome too, if I might add) young man so desperately needed our help.

Story of Goodluck

DOB – September 25, 2006

Came under Tumaini care in April, 2014

Goodluck and half brother Reggie lost their father in September of 2013 and then “fell prey” to an aunt (shangazi in swahili), their father’s sister, who, we suspect, struggles with mental illness and extreme violence . . . Goodluck and Reggie were her victims. My partner Oddo and I made a home visit and met Goodluck (and the aunt) upon his return from school, and, although neither Oddo nor I could put our fingers on what was out of place, we both came away from the visit with the strongest feeling that something was seriously wrong.  The grounds were “too” pristine, swept absolutely clean of even one blade of grass or debris of any sort.  Goodluck was extremely awkward in his greeting, poorly groomed and the aunt sat very close, uncomfortably close to him on the sofa while we chatted.

We invited the boys (Reggie and Goodluck) to visit us at Tumaini and once there discussed having them join us.  Things still did not sit well with us but we couldn’t pinpoint what the problem was.  Just a few days after his arrival though we discovered that the aunt had tied Goodluck to a chair and then “melted” the insides of his calves with a white hot burning log after he came home from school late – his teacher had kept him for further tuition.  When we broached the subject with Goodluck he initially tried to explain it away as a burn from a pikipiki, but how does one burn the inside of both calves?  He then began to cry and confessed that it had been his aunt who had hurt him, but she had instructed him to keep things a secret . . . or else.

Goodluck was in our care but we had sent Reggie home waiting for a sponsor.  As soon as we learned what the aunt was capable of, we rushed to the pastor and demanded that Reggie join us immediately, regardless of support.  We brought Reggie on faith that support would come, and come it did!  Tumaini Belgium found support for Goodluck.  Goodluck is extremely bright and his English is coming in leaps and bounds.  Doubtless he will be fluent very soon!

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