• Marko Intake photo, 2009


He is a very articulate young man, “selectively studious” and very charming. He cares very deeply for his mother who is desperately poor and lives dangerously close to her estranged husband who continues to make life difficult for everyone around him.

Story of Marko

DOB – 1996??

Came under Tumaini Care in 2009.

The eldest of the five former street boys Oddo brought to Tumaini in 2009, Marko’s life was so difficult at home with an alcoholic and violent father and brother that he decided life would be better on the streets. He was nine years old. Oddo found him on the street in Arusha and, doing the best he could with what he had, got him registered into the boarding school we would later remove him from. Marko dreams of being a tour guide one day and with his outgoing personality and very fine English, he may just succeed!

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