• Vitalis intake photo August, 2011.


Vitalis is a quiet, very serious young man, brother to Paskali and Lohai. His family situation precluded any chance for him to advance academically and thus he finds himself here at Tumaini.

Story of Vitalis

DOB – January 12, 1997.

Came under Tumaini care August, 2011

Vita is fair-minded, incredibly grateful and kind. He is observant and sensitive to his surroundings and is the first to take heavy parcels from me when I return from shopping. An ignorant teacher once called Vita “dim” but he shines academically. Extremely serious about his studies and his future (he knows his future is up to him), he works tirelessly to improve his studies. Vita is a logical thinker and a dedicated student and, although shy, he was not afraid to ask me for extra textbooks he wanted for review, and was quick to show me, on his report, the results of my investment.

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