• Martha intake photo, 2009.


Martha… one of our biggest personalities at Tumaini House!  She is an incredibly funny girl who loves to laugh and have fun.  Martha, big sister to Anna, is charming and sweet, and truly a joy to be around.  Their story and the unfortunate circumstances that brought them to Tumaini are very sad.

Story of Martha

DOB – “April 30”, 2004

Came under Tumaini care August, 2009.

Martha and Anna’s mother was convicted of murder and was imprisoned after, in her sleep, she accidentally rolled onto her infant child killing him.  As I explained in Anna’s bio, Songea, the region of Tanzania from where these sisters come is desperately poor, and without a father or a mother to provide for them these children didn’t stand a chance.  Friends of my partner Oddo’s family, who still live in that part of the country, pled with Oddo to assist and, as with all of our children, the need was great enough for us to welcome them to Tumaini House.  Martha’s mother was pardoned by President Kikwete in 2015 and the girls returned to their village to reunite in a visit with her, but they continue to live with us at Tumaini in order to complete their studies.

Martha is a flirty, VERY affectionate girl with a big personality.  She is very boisterous, a tad mischievous, and loves to play (sometimes even when she’s supposed to be studying).  Martha has the greatest, most infectious laugh in all of Tanzania – she bellows from the bottom of her belly!  She loves to make everyone laugh, and she is very good at it.  She is the “selfie queen”, so keep an eye on your phone if you are worried about phone storage!  Martha is a very sweet girl and is greatly loved by all of her Tumaini “siblings” as well as the volunteers.

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