• Emmanuel intake photo, 2009.


Emmanuel is one of those children who might be easily missed in a crowd.  We hope that, with exposure to the many positive role models in his life, Emmanuel will work out of that shyness just a bit.

Story of Emmanuel

DOB – May 17, 2002

Came under Tumaini care in 2009!

Emmanuel’s mother died just six days after his birth and he has been raised by his Bibi (grandmother) who was well into her eighties and unable to care for him any longer.  There has never been a father in Emmanuel’s world.  Emmanuel attended public school before Tumaini but was in a class with almost one hundred other students and sat on the floor.  He was not learning English which is imperative in order to pass a mandatory national exam (written in English) and attend secondary school.  Government primary school is taught in Swahili.  Only about 4% of Tanzanians complete secondary or “high” school.

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