• Daniel intake photo March, 2011.

Daniel E.

Daniel E., also known as Daniel Big, is a very kind young man who is relatively quiet but loves to have fun.  He won’t hesitate to come to you for help, and he wouldn’t hesitate to help you if you ask.  Like the other boys, he enjoys riding his bike and playing on phones.  Daniel wants to become a zoologist one day, and he’s working hard to reach that goal!

Story of Daniel

DOB – October 26, 2004

Came under Tumaini care March, 2011

I met Daniel for the first time in August of 2010 in Ndoombo, a village half way up Mount Meru (which is the backdrop for Usa River).  Ndoombo is beautiful– lush, green, with a more temperate climate and little malaria due to it’s altitude.  Daniel, however lucky to live in such a beautiful location, has struggled without parents or much support of any kind for the first six years of his life.  Born in 2004, Daniel lost his mother on the operating table during his delivery.  As is so often the case in Africa, the name of his father is unknown.

He had been cared for (lovingly so, as is evident by his open and trusting nature and his generosity with giving and welcoming comfort in receiving hugs and cuddles) by his Bibi and Babu (grandparents) who were desperately poor themselves.  His mother’s name was Janet Zakeria and Daniel was born and she died in Machame Hospital in Moshi.

Daniel loves music and can usually be found listening to the newest Tanzanian and world hits.  He is a shy young man but so helpful and caring towards the young Tumaini children!

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