• Angela intake photo April, 2012.

  • A beautiful girl at our pool party . . .

  • Mama, Angela and Glory


Angela is just that . . . an angel.  She is a natural leader, usually happy (although the death of her mother has sobered her considerably) sweet young lady who is very serious about her studies and consistently performs at the top of her class.  She is fairminded and very helpful around Tumaini house.

Story of Angela

DOB – February 16, 2002

Came under Tumaini care April, 2010!

Angela, older sister to Glory and half brother Elisha, lost her father to AIDS in 2009 and then her mother in 2014. Angela, along with Glory and initially mama, came under our care in early 2010.

The situation was grave for this family when we first met . . . Mom and Glory who were HIV+ were in “failure” (their medications had stopped working) and we had to catch up their rent arrears (on a one room, mud hut near Arusha, at a rent of about $6.50 monthly) just to allow them to come.  Mom and Glory were sick and needed immediate care and good, nutritious food which is part of the equation when fighting this disease.

We gave Mom a job at Tumaini, helping with the care of the children, enrolled Angela into a good English Medium School (Haradali) and invited Glory to join our little ones at Tumaini’s pre-school.  We moved the entire family into a comfortable, brick home with real walls and a real roof and subsidized their rent to help get them started but mom’s condition quickly deteriorated and we had to move the girls to Tumaini house and hospitalize their mother.

Angela’s mother “played” with her antiretrovirals (the medications needed to prevent HIV from blowing up into AIDS) until, eventually, they stopped working.  It was only a matter of time until she would lose her battle with AIDS and that happened in May of 2014. After the death of her mother Angela had just one request . . . that we bring her little brother Elisha to Tumaini where she knows he will be safe and happy.

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