A Message from the Executive Director

Mama Dee, tell us more stories, stay awhile longer, share all your dreams… and when you go, go knowing you have changed lives. You, our dear friend, have made a difference. We will forever see your smile and feel your love.

Mama has asked that I tell you about me.  

I could tell you that Cherie M. Szucs is my inspiration, but if you know her then she is likely yours too.

I could tell you how she sees capacity in others and lifts them up to do more than they themselves thought they could be, and then facilitates independent decision makers that in turn, make a difference to by serving others – but you must know that too. Just look at anyone who’s life she has touched but look especially into the eyes of her children.

I could tell you that her hard work, strength, passion, and commitment will keep Tumaini Canada focused and thriving for years to come.

I could tell you that even before cancer, she made every moment count, lived fearlessly and ferociously to fulfill her destiny. 

… and I could tell you, in the time we have spent together, especially over the last year, that I am truly grateful for every moment (even when we froze together in the emergency department and I stole her hospital bed to get warm) and have learned so much more about Tumaini and our children in Tanzania.

I will call on the strength, energy, and love you have shared with me to continue our work here.

No one can take the place of our beautiful Mama Dee. Mama said that stepping down from The Board was one of the hardest things she ever had to do. Even while fighting the battle of her life, she leads through selfless acts of caring and giving to others, she continues to embrace every day, and shows us how to love and celebrate life… while laughing along the way. This Tumaini Canada Board was created by her. It is a group of diverse, talented, and incredible people who love Tumaini and who love her. We’ve got this, Mama, and we’ve always got you.

As we begin this new chapter, we have open invitation from Mama Dee to continue to build on the work and purposes of Tumaini’s Children Foundation, to bring about through our continued hard work and determination, a Tumaini that aligns within the best of all of us, in all of you. “It’s for the children.”

Together we are AWESOME. Tuko Pamoja. With hope everything is possible.

On April 8, 2022, surrounded by her family and loved ones in Belgium, Mama Dee grew her wings and slipped peacefully into the arms of the Lord. Mama Dee‘s life was a beautiful example of courage, dedication and will power, mixed with laughter and joy as she celebrated and supported those around her. Her memory will live on through the incredible work she has accomplished, the people from all around the world she has brought together, and the enormous impact she has had on everyone that knew her.