A Tree Planting Weekend!

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What a “Green” Weekend we enjoyed at Tumaini!

Our family was joined by a committee from our Ward government, our Tumaini children, Dadas Sydney, Sami, Lauren, and Maddie and Baba Kevin and Mama Pam!  Oddo finangled a donation from The Arusha Rotary Club of fifty trees ready for planting and off we went!

Our Ward government has developed a campaign called “A Green and Clean Tanzania” and we are proud to help!  It includes planting treelings, strategically placing donated garbage bins within the village to allow for trash collection and volunteer trash “clean up” the neighborhood days of which we will be a part of!

Currently, trash collection must be paid for privately which precipitates the burning of trash (including toxics like plastic).  At Tumaini we hope to be a part of the solution and not the problem!

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