Messages from Mama and mark your calendars!!

Great big birthday wishes go out to Pendo and Rukaya (June 10) and our own Mama Korosho (June 11).

Our secondary school students are home on break and most have performed remarkably!  Vitalis (younger brother to Lohai), Ayubu and Rosie awaits her results for advanced level secondary results before we apply for university!  We are incredibly proud of her efforts as our strongest performing Tumaini female thus far but I expect Angela will challenge her!!

Upcoming Tumaini Fun(d) raising events include “Corks ‘n Canvas”, at Whistling Gardens, Sunday June 26th.  Sip on Burning Kiln donated wine, nibble on Jensen’s cheese and learn to improve your “strokes” by artist/instructor Amber Wardell!  A beautiful setting, wonderful cause and all proceeds will go to helping our little ones!!  Please contact Bonnie Wardell for further information!

Saturday and Sunday July 9 and 10, our Blue Hair Medium, Ms. Kathryn Louise will host guests for your own psychic reading at my cottage in Port Ryerse.  A tranquil setting where Kathryn will guide you through your private communications with your own angels.  Pre-booking is required so please contact and again, proceeds benefit our little own little angels at Tumaini!!

REMEMBER to save the date (or register early) for our 5th Annual “Hillbilly Hoedown” themed Tournament of Hope, Sunday September 25th, returning to Springview Farm Golf Club in Waterford!  For registration or further information please contact,, or!  This is one of our biggest annual fundraisers so please be sure to join us!!

And not everyone heard about Junior catching (with proper form) and bringing a chicken to kaka Raymond for slaughter (if you look closely you will see his cohort in crime Elisha had run to the house for a knife in order that kaka Raymond could perform said deed).  Polisi!!!!!!

I am off to Delhi District Secondary School this week to receive the proceeds from a “Pie in the Face” fun(d) raiser benefiting Tumaini . . . I hope there were pictures!!  Stay tuned!

In case you haven’t heard . . . Lohai is getting MARRIED!!!!

Did you know . . . that our very own Francis is wearing glasses now?  He was experiencing pain in his eye . . . a result of having been beaten (prior to Tumaini) with an electrical cable until he lost partial sight in one eye . . .

And Ibrahim (see photo above) who joined us earlier this year after four years of outreach assistance, which just wasn’t sufficient (he is positive and despite our help, wasn’t receiving enough nutritional support) spent the night in the hospital last week on an I.V. drip (Raymond was up all night with him) . . . still no definitive explanation.  PS.  We are still looking for a sponsor for Ibrahim!!!

And P.P.S! Sometimes a volunteer comes to Tumaini, gets bitten right in the heart and goes home to begin doing wonderful things for our children. . . Tine (Migerode, from Belgium) is one such former volunteer but has become a daughter to me and a sister to the rest of Tumaini.  Welllllllll, she (and boyfriend Tom) will be visiting us here in Canada next month so come see us and meet an extraordinary, love filled couple of Belgians who continue to bring so very much to us at Tumaini!!

P.P.P.S!  Rumour has it that our very own Raymond will be returning to Canada soon also . . . fingers crossed as we await his visa!!

As always, thank you!  You loving support is critical to our very survival and we are so very grateful for your continued care . . . there is a serious sugar crisis in Tanzania right now and our volunteers and Tumaini family are not feeling so “sweet” about it . . . but we are all sweet on our Tumaini friends and ever thankful to each of you . . . be well!!