DOB August 25, 2012

Came under Tumaini care in July, 2014 – Little half brother to Angela and Glory, Elisha has come to us out of need and in an effort to keep our siblings together.  Elisha’s (and Angela and Glory’s) mother died in May of this year and Elisha’s father is older and very ill equipped to raise a child. After the death of their mother, Angela and Glory had just one request – that we bring their brother to Tumaini where they knew he would be well cared for.

Elisha’s mother (and sister Glory) are HIV+ but fortunately little Elisha is not.  There are drugs that can be taken at the time of delivery to reduce (dramatically) the chances of passing HIV on to one’s child. Elisha is a quiet, independent little man who loves cars (drrrrmmmmm, drrrmmm can be heard whenever he sees a vehicle) and although he has little patience for Junior and easily “disarms” Junior of whatever “weapon” is in his possession, he plays well with the children and they ADORE having another little brother at Tumaini.

It is rare to witness in my work here but such a pleasure to see that Elisha has been loved – by his mother, his father, and his sisters and Glory and Angela are ecstatic to have their little brother with them at Tumaini. Elisha will do what all little three year olds do – he will play – his English vocabulary will grow – he will go to school next year (baby class) and begin to learn his ABC’s.  He will need support, financially and otherwise.  He has his sisters with him now.  Elisha will thrive with us at Tumaini!