Home with Watoto (Children)

We are here!  Jet lagged and baggy eyed (carried thirteen hockey bags this time) and cleared customs without a shida.  (Problem).  I am struggling with getting on the clock here, something I normally have little trouble with but the kisses and cuddles from the children more than make up for it. There were some problems waiting for me when I arrived (how could there not be in a family of fifty plus?) and we’re on them . . . working hard at resolutions so that we might proceed with planning a wonderful Christmas together.

Thank you so much to family and friends who sent us (Mary, Reward, Lohai and myself) in such a loving fashion.  Thank you for all the hard work done in preparation for our departure.  And thank you to Tumaini supporters who, I hope, will find the time to come out and serve cider and donuts in our Tumaini Booth at the Christmas Panorama of Lights in Simcoe.  Please send an email to steve@mybrokersteve.com if you are able to assist and Ahsante!

The final week of school is approaching for our primary students.  They attend classes for three months at a time (the school year begins in January) and have one month holiday so are home in April, August and December and we are gearing up for some Christmas fun. Michael (Australia) is here and there are big plans to build a lava spewing volcano (do you remember junior school science?), the world’s largest bubbles (stay tuned for photos) and we are hoping to go swimming again . . . our Danish volunteers leave for home on Friday and we anticipate a pizza party Thursday night before they leave.  Everyone is healthy (thank you Lord), and other than a serious problem with electricity and water, we are well.

Sponsors you will receive report cards in the next couple of weeks and I will begin posting updated photos.  Our children are growing and even after only 2 ½ months apart I see enormous growth and changes in their faces . . .I will be in touch.  I thank you so very much for loving each of us and for choosing to support Tumaini with your charitable dollars.  We are healthy and strong and looking forward to a wonderful Christmas.  I received every gift sponsors sent me and our youngsters will look forward to them on Christmas day.

Tunashukuru Mungu kila siku, kwa bariki yetu . . . We give thanks to God every day for our blessings.  Please know that each of you is an enormous blessing to us we remember . . . It is our hope that as you prepare for your holiday season you will pause and remember the goodness, the kindness you have shared with us . . . Ahsante sana . . . thank you very much!  Be well!

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