Kwa heri (Goodbye) from Mama . . .

I am leaving today for six weeks with our children in Tanzania and am anxious to reunite with our Tumaini family although it is bittersweet when travelling to one part of my family entails me saying goodbye to the other.

All of our primary students will be home for the month of August and I have some special “Christmas projects” lined up while they are home.  Additionally, we will replacing school shoes, book bags, football cleats (soccer), and pyjamas thanks to (in photo –  Emma & Jaslyn Chevers, Ryan & Ben Peever, Lisa Chevers & Joanne Long, Charlene Cleland and myself, missing Debbie Peever) of the Avondale United Church in Tillsonburg, who, after being introduced to Tumaini in May, worked incredibly hard to bring us dozens and dozens of soccer cleats, school shoes, book bags and pjs!  Thank you SO very much for your love!

Additionally, Millie, Karen and Jim Baetz and the Fitzpatrick family oh so generously donated some of those needed watches, pjs and SOAP! for our little ones!  Remember that it is winter in Tanzania right now, being on the other side of the equator, and although we don’t usually conceive of cold in Africa, it actually DOES get quite chilly at night so warm pjs are invaluable to us, not to mention the fact that with all the good food we are providing our family they keep GROWING!!

Further thanks go to Bibi Isabel for HER incredibly kind and generous donation towards watches, as well as Lisa Engelhardt-Robinson of The DolMor Salon.  Asante Sana!  As Mama Diane Goodman asked when I put the request for watches out, “does this mean if they have watches they’ll learn to be on time?” (Tanzanians are notoriously late)  We can only hope they’ll at least learn how LATE they are!!  Thank you so much!!

Lohai is back!  He has returned for his third summer and will spend time here on the farm with “Baba”, improving his farming skills AND his English and then take those skills back to Tumaini to help us there.  Feel free to call the farm to say hi! August 3 and 4are rapidly approaching and Tumaini supporters are hard at work getting set up for our fundraising YARD SALE at 857 Norfolk St S. Simcoe, Ontario.  If you have something you’d like to contribute to the sale or would like to come out and support us, please contact Charlene Cleland at  to make arrangements and THANK YOU!!

AND!  Our second Charity golf tournament is fast approaching and we’d love for you to join us September 29th at Springview Farms Golf Club in Waterford, ON.  Please contact for registration information and please know that we always need donations for golf prizes if possible!  I know that Bonnie has more special fun planned for us this year (such as a “Pimp Your Ride” contest), AND . . . two of our older Tumaini children will be joining us, in addition to Lohai so you should get a chance to say hello and ask some of your Tumaini questions!

On a truly sad note . . . Bad things do happen to good people and we are not immune to it, even at Tumaini.  Negative politicking exists everywhere and in Tumaini’s almost four years we have been challenged several times by people who come with their own agendas and are, unfortunately, unable to work together harmoniously, even when the beneficiaries are poor, orphaned children.  Recently, this has happened again at Tumaini and our precious Katy, I am so very sad to say, has become a part of the fallout and found the need to leave us . . . Katy has resigned from Tumaini for her own, personal reasons and we wish her all the best and absolutely EVERY happiness in the future.  She has been a Godsend to us at Tumaini, a beloved sister to the children and like a daughter to me.  I am heartbroken, but respect her decisions and let her go with a heavy heart full of love and gratitude and do hope that one day things will be different.  There are many, MANY things we can hold and control in this world, but alas, this is not one of them.  We love and will miss you Katy but know that good and beautiful new adventures await you.  Thank you so very much.

We are working on our Christmas giving campaign and this year we would like to focus on an educational theme.  We spend millions of shillings every January outfitting and paying school fees for not only our unsponsored children, but many, deserving, yet desperately poor kids who simply do not have a chance at furthering their educations without help.  Often, there is nowhere to turn and at Tumaini we have worked hard to give those chances to dozens and dozens of children, but it costs money . . . meet a boy named Omari who pulled a virtual miracle out of the air by earning all As and Bs from a terrible public school with few teachers and little to no support.  He has no parents and only an older sister to help care for him and a younger brother.  His sister’s baby developed a heart condition and “poof!” any chance of secondary school went out the window with every dollar being spent to save the five month old infant’s life.  We helped save not only the baby but Omari also and he has rewarded us with OUTSTANDING efforts, but . . . it costs money!  And there will be another Omari (or David, or Abdi, or Ayubu) this year!  The campaign will begin in October with gifts ranging from $10.00 (to be applied towards school books), up to $500.00 (school fees for one year) and we will send you a photo of the child you helped along with his or her bio and supply ongoing updates!  Please keep this in mind when thinking about your Christmas giving!

As I said, the children are off for the month of August.  We will be busy with games and activities and I’ll update you with photos and stories!  They are busy this week finishing end of second term examinations (I hope) and will be ready for some fun I expect!  Report cards will be forthcoming.

From each of them (and their Mama) I would like to wish each of you a wonderful August shared with your families and friends and say enormous thank yous for your continued love and support.  I cannot say it enough . . . we need you.  Your heart and your financial contributions, in order to provide our children (who are oh so very deserving by the way), with a healthy and safe life . . . with a quality education . . . with love and with hope for their futures.  We work hard to ensure all of this happens with minimal dollars spent on administration (only 9%), and are very proud of our performance thus far and we intend to continue to use your dollars as efficiently as is humanly possible in order to continue to care for our children. Please be well and thank you!