Please help Tumaini supporter Dave Egles and friends in their fundraising climb of Mount Kilimanjaro!!

Dave Egles (Kelvin and Connie’s sponsor) and friends are climbing Kilimanjaro in January and we’d love your support!  Please visit for further information.  Asante!!

Help HES Build a New School for the Tumaini Orphanage in Tanzania!

HES has embarked on a more ambitious program for 2013 – to help build Tumaini a school. Only 4% of Tanzanians graduate from high school. A dedicated school would allow more kids access to quality education, and to prepare them for high school entrance exams. Our goal is to help more Tumaini kids complete their education and get better, well paying jobs. A small project can make a huge difference in a large number of kids.
To help raise funds, HES has asked the solar industry for help. A number of quality manufacturers have agreed to sponsor HES’s efforts. In addition we are hoping solar companies will also help contribute.
Can you donate? For $250 we will put your name on a banner and carry it to the top of Kilimanjaro, and send you photos. Could you commit one or two cents for each meter of Kilimanjaro? The team will ascent 5895 m in total.
For more information on our project, click on, or more information on Tumaini, see There are Paypal donate buttons on both these sites, or you can Donate Here.
If you want to learn more about the project, become a sponsor, or other ways to get involved, call Dave Egles at 1-866-258-0110 or email
Dave Egles