Habari kwa Tumaini…

“Shida” . . . “problem” in Kiswahili . . . shida leo?  BED BUGS!

A number of months ago one of our volunteers went on safari, and “camped” wanting to save money.  She came home infested with something and, unfortunately, not all of that something left with the volunteer.  Camping may have saved her money but it has caused us a mountain of grief.

Unknowingly, we moved our beautifully constructed bunk beds into our beautiful, new volunteer house last fall.  Unfortunately with that move we carried the bed bugs along with the beds.  Over the Christmas holiday they were “discovered” (a rather lame word for the obvious)and we began the tedious work of ridding ourselves of them.

We prayed that none had been “left behind” at Tumaini House where our children sleep but we didn’t pray hard enough . . . today, while changing sheets, one of our Mamas discovered our little friends.  Katy and Mathilde, who are now experienced in eradicating the darlings, and with help from “suddenly itchy” volunteers Anna, Dallas, Jon, Stine and with Lohai and Jeremiah, we dissambled seven sets of bunks, removed 14 mosquito nets for washing and treating, “packaged” about 250 lbs. of children’s clothing and blankets, to be insulated in plastic and “cooked” in the sun until any chance of survival has passed, laundered 30 pairs of pyjamas in boiling water (and remember we’re still trucking our water in daily), as well as every towel in the house.  I know, I know, bed bugs are everywhere, but couldn’t they just be everywhere . . . else