Lake Mayara and Nogorogoro Crater Safari

Could it be God’s way of thanking us for the work we do here?

I think so.  This was absolutely, without a doubt, THE VERY BEST SAFARI I COULD HOPE TO WITNESS . . . BREATHTAKING, again, and again, and again . . .

For me it is the giraffe which represent true, wild Africa . . . That, and of course the twelve elephants we saw out our backdoor at camp . . . not in a preserve, not a park, but in the wild, in our backyard . . . spectacular! A pride of what grew before our very eyes to be ten lions captivated us for almost two hours . . . and rested less than sixty feet from our car . . . Did you know that the stripes of a baby zebra are brown and that a herd can take over an hour to cross in front of your gari (car)?  And gazing down into the crater itself?  BREATHTAKING!!!!!!!!